2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Schedule H


Approved activities will be funded under Schedule D of the Master Agreement. Forms are to be completed and returned to building principals according to administrative directive.


Following is a list of requirements to be met before filing for supplemental pay as set forth in Schedule D of the Master Agreement between the Association and the Board.

1. For each sponsorship requested, a minimum of 35 hours involved with the club or organization responsibilities is required. These responsibilities should be done outside of the students’ scheduled school day.

2. The group should sponsor or be actively involved in an activity which is beneficial to the student, school or community.

3. A group is defined as a minimum often (10) actively involved students.

4. Each group should have a person to keep minutes of the meetings which should include at least the time scheduled and/or activity done.

5. If more than on (1) sponsor is approved, each sponsor will receive the full percentage.

6. Two (2) sponsors may be requested if the activity involves more than fifty (50) students and/or at least seventy (70) hours.