2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Schedule E

Hourly Pay Positions

Bargaining unit members who work at regularly scheduled events shall be paid:

Minimum wage per hour for jobs in categories of ticket takers and security/crowd control. $10.00 per hour for supervision in place of Athletic Coordinator or Director and scorers/timers.

I. Bargaining unit members working four (4) or more events, may in addition to the above use their personal days attached to a vacation or holiday period and/or with appropriate administrator approval have the use of a school computer during vacation or holiday periods.

Hours worked shall be totaled at the end of the school year and credit given for use during the school year and/or the following school year. Official documentation shall be kept in the Office of the Athletic Coordinator with actual credit given by the Department of Human Resources.

All positions listed below shall be increased at the same percent per year as Schedule A.

1. Non-scheduled and/or non-voluntary assignments$15.21
2. Organized recreational activities (teen club, summer rec. & Saturday rec.)$17.91
3. Swimming pool supervisor (teacher shall be paid one (1) hour time for cancellation)$22.34
4. *Adult education & summer school$29.17
5. Curriculum and staff development$29.16
6. Substitute time$30.62
*Plus one quarter (.25) hour of planning time for each hour of classroom instruction to be paid at the same hourly rate.