2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article XXIII


Shared time positions will be compensated as follows:

1. Teaching salary will be prorated to reflect the fraction of the position shared. The experience and educational step for the educator will be the same as s/he would be entitled to if employed on a full-time basis. This step will determine the base salary from which the salary fraction will be computed.

2. Seniority will accrue to a person in a shared time position on the following basis:

a. If both educators are on staff and have enough seniority to hold positions, and their sharing prevents the layoff of another person or brings back a person from layoff, both will be credited with full seniority for the year.

b. Under conditions other than D 2 a of this Article seniority will be prorated.

3. Sick and personal time will be prorated according to the fraction of the position for which the person is employed.

4. Fringe benefits will be prorated on an individual basis. Prorating shall be based on a fraction of a six (6) hour day. The cost for fringe benefit package shall not exceed the prorated cost of full family benefits for a full time employee.

Job sharing procedures can be found in the administrative guidelines.