2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article XX


A. The salaries of educators, covered by this Agreement, are set forth in Schedule A which is part of this Agreement. Educators hired after ratification of the 2004-2007 Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be paid on the 26/27 pay option.

B. Salaries for extra duties in addition to normal teaching load are spelled out in Schedule B, C, D, E, and F which are a part of this Agreement.

C. Educators who are eligible and elect to receive health benefits will be provided MESSA Choices II $1,000/$2,000 deductible with a Savor RX prescription plan with mandatory mail-in or ABC Plan 1 with $1,400/$2,800, (per IRS) deductible which includes employee option of health savings account (HSA)..

The district will pay no more than 80% of the ABC Plan 1 medical premium. Those electing ABC Plan 1 the employee contribution shall be 20% of the medical portion. Therefore, those electing MESSA Choices II will be responsible for any and all costs above the 80% of the ABC Plan 1 medical premium.

There shall be no cost to those electing PAK B.

Medicare premiums will be paid on behalf of the employee, spouse and/or eligible dependent. Internal and external coordination of benefits shall be included except for health insurance. Employees may elect health insurance provided by the Board, but may not be covered by two health plans.

PAK A/C shall include:

a. Health insurance as described above.

b. LTD at 66 2/3% modified 180 work day fill, $5,000 maximum per month, two year alcohol/drug, mental/nervous same as any other illness, and offset freeze.

c. Delta Dental Plan 80/80/80 with orthodontic rider at $1,500 maximum or Delta Dental Plan 50/50/50 with orthodontic rider at $1,000 maximum as determined by the level of coordination of benefits required

d. Adult orthodontics

e. Negotiated life insurance of $35,000 with accidental death and disability and waiver of premium riders

f. VSP II unless internal coordination of benefits applies.

PAK B shall include or agreed to equivalent:

a. LTD at 66 2/3% modified 180 work day fill, $5,000 maximum per month, two year alcohol/drug, mental/nervous same as any other illness, and offset freeze.

b. Delta Dental Plan 80/80/80 with orthodontic rider at $1,500 maximum or Delta Dental Plan 50/50/50 with orthodontic rider at $1,500 on benefits required

c. Adult orthodontics

d. Negotiated life insurance of $50,000 with accidental death and disability and waiver of premium riders


f. Dependent life insurance at $2,000 for spouse and $1,000 for each dependent

g. All PAK B employees shall receive a monthly payment of $102.08 in lieu of health benefits. Part-time Teachers, who do not qualify for PAK A/C, are not eligible for cash in lieu of benefits.

The coverage provided in this Article, Section B and C, shall be effective for the full calendar year beginning with the enrollment period in May. The Board will notify the teacher of the enrollment periods.

The family of an educator who dies while in the employment of the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools and who has health insurance will receive health insurance benefits for six (6) months at no cost to the family.

When an educator’s spouse’s insurance protection becomes unavailable, the Board will provide coverage for said educator as soon as the carrier allows.

An educator who has been initially hired for a part-time position or whose position is reduced (voluntarily or involuntarily) from a full-time position to a part time position shall receive fringe benefits according to the following schedule:

0.2 F .T.E. – No Fringe Benefits
0.4-0.6 F.T.E. – PAK B
0.7-1.0F.T.E. – PAK AJC

Both parties agree to develop contract language ensuring that the District will be in compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, specifically, by offering a “bronze” plan that provides “minimum coverage” pursuant to 26 USC § 36(B)( c )(2)(C)(ii).

D. If an educator agrees to substitute, the educator will be compensated at the substitute rate as set forth in Schedule E. In the event of a lack of substitute coverage to ensure that students are properly supervised in a safe learning environment, we will use the following transparent process that will be communicated to staff. The administrator/designee will first ask for volunteers to cover classes, and after those resources are exhausted, an administrator will give notice to available edcuators and certified staff available during the time period. Notifications will be given to cover classes by rotating through the available staff. This process will be used to distribute the responsibilities of student coverage during a sub shortage so that the burden of coverage is shared among staff. Educators shall be compensated at the substitute rate during the pay period for which the coverage falls.

E. Educators hired after January I, 2001 shall be allowed four (4) years of teaching credit for their first four years of outside professional service in approved public or private K-12 institutions. At the employer’s sole discretion, for hard to fill specialty positions, on a case-by-case basis, additional credit may be given for prior service beyond four (4) years. The limitations for longevity purposes described in “Supplement to Schedule A” shall apply. No recovery provision is provided for in this Agreement.

F. Any educator who dies while in the employ of the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools will leave an estate entitlement in the amount of their earned and unpaid salary plus payment of 100% of their accrued sick leave at their existing daily rate.

G. An educator engaged during the school day in negotiations on behalf of the Association with any representative of the Board, or participating in any grievance negotiations, including arbitration, and staffing shall be released from regular duties without loss of salary, at no cost to the Association, providing permission has been granted from the Superintendent or his/her representative.

H. Subject area coordinators, Instructional Specialists, Department Chairs, and Media Specialists may request from the Superintendent additional weeks with compensation if the situation warrants extra work. Compensation will be at the regular contractual rate.

I. Vocational Coordinators will work at the request of the administration five (5) days per ten (10) students of co-op assignment in addition to the regular teacher work days of the calendar. These days are not to exceed fifteen (15) working days. Two thirds of the time will be worked prior to the starting date of school, and one third will be worked between the ending date of school and June 30. Compensation will be at their regular contracted rate.

J. Whenever salary is to be deducted from any educator because of absence from work that is not covered under any leave policy stated in this Agreement, the salary shall be deducted according to the following formula: the educator’s contractual salary shall be divided by the number of contractual days. Whenever a fraction of a work day is missed, salary deductions shall be determined by figuring the portion of the work day missed.

K. For those educators leaving the district, a payment of sixty dollars ($60) times two-thirds the number of accumulated sick days to a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) days will be made to the edcuator at the time of termination. One-third of the accumulated sick days will be donated to the sick bank per Article VI G 9.


Number of Accrued DaysDonation to Sick BankNumber of Days paid at $60
903060 X $60 = $3,600.00
15050100 X $60 = $6,000.00
18060120 X $60 = $7,200.00

Educators retiring with at least ten (10) years of service to the district shall receive a terminal leave payment equal to one percent (1%) of the current base (BA, Step 1) times each year of service to the district beyond five (5) years. This payment for years of service shall not exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000).

L. Compensation at the negotiated rate may be granted at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for curriculum work occurring outside the normal work hours.

M. Educators using their automobiles for school approved activities or functions will be reimbursed at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate but not less than twenty-five (25) cents per mile. The request for payment forms will be available from the building principal or the administration building.

N. An annual payment of fifty dollars ($50) times the number of unused sick days in excess of one hundred eighty (180) will be paid to each educator at the end of each school year.

0. An employee who provides notice on or before February 15 of intent to retire at the end of the school year shall receive a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) payment upon retirement.