2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article XVIII


A. Both the Association and the Board of Education recognize that one of the primary objectives of the parties to this contract is to insure, protect, continue, and improve the high quality of education in the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools. This requires good relations and cooperation between the Board, the Administration, the Association, and the staff to attain efficient and uninterrupted operation of the facilities and functions of the school system. The grievance procedure hereafter established is to provide a peaceful and orderly method for the resolution of disputes.

B. The parties hereby agree to process all disputes subject to the grievance procedure in the manner set forth herein and agree that no demonstrations or any action tending to disrupt the normal operation of the school system be initiated, participated in, or condoned by either party in connection with such grievance disputes.

C. If a strike by another employee group in the district causes loss of days, the parties shall negotiate the dates to reschedule such days. Educators shall not be entitled to additional compensation for rescheduled days when they were not required to report for work. However, educators shall receive an additional day’s pay for each rescheduled day on which they were originally required to report for work.

D.Whenever it is known that school is not to be in session because of weather and/or other emergency situation, educators shall not be required to report to work. If an emergency closing of school or change in law requires additional days to meet total state requirements, the calendar shall be adjusted. The adjustment shall be by mutual agreement of the parties.  Should the parties not be able to reach agreement, the additional days needed shall be added at the end of the school year.  Educators shall not be entitled to additional compensation for rescheduled days. However, educators will receive compensation should a day be required to be rescheduled more than once.