2023-27 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article XVII


A. Both parties recognize the importance of professional development and encourage employees to seek opportunities to participate in professional development activities, both Board provided and otherwise.

B. With no additional compensation all new employees are required to participate in three (3) days of professional development activities provided by the district prior to the beginning of their first school year. This professional development shall be at the direction of the employer and shall be at no cost to the employee. These three (3) days shall count toward the fifteen (15) day state professional development requirement.

C. All non-tenured educators are required by law to participate in fifteen (15) days of professional development during the first three years of employment. State required district-wide professional development days cannot count toward the fifteen (15) days.

D. The employer agrees to provide a fund for the express use of educators for professional development which relates to their assignments. The Assistant Superintendent of Instruction will recommend the total amount of the fund.  The allocation for each building shall be based upon the number of educators assigned to that building on a full-time or prorated basis. The allocation for each educator shall be the same for purposes of establishing the fund. The building principal shall administer the fund.

E. The parties shall create a joint association and district steering committee to provide oversight, guidance and assistance in how professional development is provided and connected to the district’s mission.

The committee shall consist of four representatives selected by the Education Association and four representatives selected by the board. The Education Association president and Superintendent, or their designee shall serve as ex-officio members of the committee. The Board and Education Association shall each select one person from their representatives to serve as committee co-chairs. The committee shall participate in joint training regarding results-based professional development.

Committee parameters:

The committee will assist in aligning the district’s professional development plan with the district’s mission, school improvement plans, and MICIPgoals. The committee will use the National Staff Development Council’s Standards for Staff Development, as outlined by the Michigan Department of Education, as guides.