2020-21 CAEA Contract – XIV


A. The parties agree that mentoring is a valuable process providing professional development and educational growth for all parties involved.

B. A mentor teacher shall be defined as a master teacher as identified in Section 1526 of the School Code and shall perform the duties of a master teacher as specified in the code.

C. Each teacher for the first three (3) years in the classroom shall be assigned a mentor teacher by the administration. The mentor teacher shall be available to provide professional support, instruction and guidance. The purpose of the mentor assignment is to provide a peer who can offer assistance, resources and information in a non-threatening collegial fashion.

D. Mentor teachers shall be assigned according to these standards:

1. Mentoring shall be voluntary.

2. The Administration shall provide the Association with a list of teachers in need of mentoring.

3. Preference will be given to tenured bargaining unit teachers.

4. The final decision shall be the responsibility of the building administrator.

E. The mentor/mentee relationship is confidential in nature.

F. Meetings between mentors and mentees regarding the mentee’s professional development and educational growth shall count toward the fifteen (15) day professional development requirement provided that meetings are at least fifteen (15) minutes.

G. Pathwise mentor teachers shall be released from regular teaching duties on at least four occasions for the purpose of observing the first year mentee. Mentee teachers may be released from regular teaching duties for the purpose of observing other classrooms. Release time will be granted at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.

H. Pathwise mentors shall meet with their first year mentee for a minimum of 30 hours throughout the year for the purposes of discussing the mentee’s professional development and educational growth.

I. The amount of time Pathwise mentors need to meet with mentees should decrease throughout the mentee’s second and third year of teaching. The minimum number of observations and amount of meeting time for all three years is indicated in the chart below.

YearObservationsMeeting hours outside
of school day
Year 14 times30 hours
Year22 times20 hours
Year 32 times10 hours