2020-21 CAEA Contract – XI


A. Teachers shall comply with rules, regulations, and directions adopted by the Board, or its representatives, which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Issues arising between the Board and the Association including matters of wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment shall not be discussed with students (e.g., grievances, bargaining issues, and disciplinary investigations).

B. Alleged breaches of professional behavior shall be promptly reported to the offending teacher. The Association will use its best efforts to assist the teacher in correcting the situation.

C. Teachers should dress in a professional manner in order to present a positive role model for students.

D. All information forming the basis for disciplinary action will be made in writing to the teacher and the Association President within ten (10) days of such disciplinary action. All copies will be noted on the original. Discipline shall be done in person or by certified letter. Discipline procedures can be found in the administrative guidelines.

E. A teacher shall be entitled, upon request, to have a representative of the Association present at any disciplinary meeting or at any investigatory meeting which may lead to discipline. This includes evaluation conferences.

F. Each teacher shall have the right, upon request, to review the contents of his/her own personnel file(s) as provided by law (PA 397 of 1978).

G. No lie detector test shall be required by the Board in any investigation of any teacher covered by this Agreement.

H. Supervision by a teacher of a student teacher shall be voluntary. Payment received from colleges or universities for the training of student teachers shall be credited to the department at the secondary level or at the elementary level to the classroom in which the training took place. This amount may be used for the purchase of teaching aids, supplies, or activities that enhance instruction.

I. Teachers going out on elective (non-emergency) extended sick leave may be requested to provide five (5) working days of lesson plans and a general outline/pacing guide to aide in the transition during their absence.