2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article IX


1. a. A seniority list shall be prepared by the Board and verified by the Association. Seniority is defined as length of active service within the bargaining unit, subject to restrictions included in this Agreement. Employees hired through the last Friday of September shall have September 1 as their date of hire for seniority purposes. Employees hired after the last Friday of September and prior to the beginning of staffing for the next school year shall be placed on the seniority list in order of hire.

b. When two (2) or more employees have the same years of service, they will be ranked in order of their respective dates of hire. Except as provided in Article IX A 1 a, date of hire, is defined as the first day of work as an employee covered under this agreement. When two (2) or more employees have the same years of service and the same date of hire, the individuals so affected will participate in a drawing to determine placement on the seniority list. The Association and teachers so affected will be notified in writing of the date, place and time of the drawing. The drawing shall be conducted openly and at a time and place that will reasonably allow affected teachers and Association representatives to be in attendance. The drawing shall establish the employee’s seniority for the duration of employment. The drawing shall take place prior to December 1 each year.

2. a. The seniority list (including seniority date, years of seniority, type of certification, majors, minors, current assignments, and leave status) shall be published and posted conspicuously in all buildings of the district by January 15 of each school year. Revisions and updates of the seniority list shall be published and posted prior to the date assignments are made for the following school year, but no later than the last day of school. A copy of the seniority list and subsequent revisions and updates shall be forwarded to the Association.

b. Individual employees are responsible to notify the Office of Human Resources of any changes or anticipated changes in certification, in endorsements and in majors and minors. Such notice must be given prior to March 15th. The educator will provide appropriate documentation as soon as it is available.

3. An educator transferred to a supervisory or executive position who later returns to teacher status, shall be given credit for service obtained before leaving the unit but shall not accrue seniority for time out of the bargaining unit. They shall be placed on the seniority list accordingly at the time of return to teaching duties.

4. All seniority is lost when employment is severed by resignation, retirement, or discharge for cause or transfer to a non-bargaining unit position other than in 3 above; however, seniority is retained if severance of employment is due to layoff. In cases of layoff, educators so affected retain all seniority accumulated as of the effective date of layoff.

5. Educators shall not accrue seniority during unpaid leaves unless allowed for elsewhere in this Agreement or as provided by law.

6. Half (½) a year seniority credit shall be given if a teacher works at least one-fourth (¼) of the total workdays. One (1) year seniority shall be given if the educator works three-fourths (¾) of the total workdays.

7. Seniority earned during any one school year may not exceed the equivalent of one full year.

8. The fact that an educator is placed on layoff shall not result in loss of seniority for previous years of service, but seniority shall not accrue during said layoff. Upon return to the district s/he will receive full credit on the salary schedule for certified teaching service prior to and during the layoff.