2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Article IV


Public Acts 53 and 349 of 2012 prohibit the district from complying with Association Security and Payroll Deductions. Therefore, the language has been moved to Appendix A and will be enforceable should there be legal circumstances that allow the district to comply with the language in Appendix A.

A. The Board shall furnish the Association the names of all new educators (with current addresses and PHONE NUMBERS AND school assignments) as they are hired. This Section shall go into effect as of ratification.

B. The Board shall also make payroll deductions upon written authorization from educators for annuities, credit union, savings bonds, or any other plans or programs jointly approved by the Association and the Board.

C. Payroll deduction shall be available for all existing additional MESSA programs and new programs jointly approved by the Board and the Association.

D. Educators hired after ratification of the 2004-2007 collective bargaining agreement shall be paid on the 26/27 pay option.