2021-23 CAEA Collective Bargaining Agreement – Conditions of Contract


This Agreement entered into on August 10, 2021, by and between the Board of Education of the Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools, Flint, Michigan, hereinafter called the “Board,” and/or the “Employer,” and the Carman-Ainsworth Education Association, an affiliate of the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association, hereinafter called the “Association.”

WHEREAS, the Board and the Association recognize and declare that providing a quality education for the children of Carman-Ainsworth is their mutual aim and that the character of such education depends predominantly upon the quality and morale of the teaching staff; a cooperative effort by all facets of the professional staff with the Board of Education is necessary and proper, and

WHEREAS, the members of the teaching profession and the administration are particularly qualified to assist in improving educational standards, and

WHEREAS, the Board has a statutory obligation, pursuant to the Public Employment Relations Act, Act 379 of the Michigan Public Acts of 1965, to bargain with the Association as the representative of its teaching personnel with respect to hours, wages, terms, and conditions of employment, and

THEREFORE, the parties have reached certain understandings, which they desire to confirm in this Agreement.