Jul 31

Attention CAEA Members,

A tentative agreement on a contract has been reached.  There will be a General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, at 2:30 PM at the Flint MEA Office located at 5095 Exchange Drive, Flint, MI  48507.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING ATTEND THIS MEETING, SO WE HAVE A QUORUM.  If we don’t have a quorum, any potential monetary increases will not be able to be paid out at this time, because the law states there is no retroactivity.  

If you are not in good standing, please contact Carol Titus at 810-733-7800 or ctitus@mea.org prior to the meeting.  She will also be available at the General Membership Meeting, beginning at 2 PM, so you can update your payment information or get back into good standing.

If you have questions, please contact Frank Burger at fburger@mea.org or 810-730-5819.

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